Fire Plug (Fire Plug)

Originally, in England, fire plugs were wooden plugs driven at intervals in wooden or cast iron water mains. When a fire occurred, a plug could be removed and the water was allowed to flow out to be used by a fire bucket brigade to put out the fire.

Anode (An•ode)

1. The electrode at which electrons have a device to enter the external circuit – opposed to cathode. 2. In a water heater, a rod of magnesium metal anodic to the other metal in the tank, therefore protective against corrosion.

Back Vent (Back Vent)

1. Sometimes synonymous with vent or venting. A pipe or system of pipes of a plumbing system for the purpose of supplying or removing air to relieve pressures above or below atmospheric. 2. That part of a vent line which connects directly with an individual trap beneath or behind a fixture and extend to a […]

Used Water (Used Wat•er)

Any water supply by a water purveyor from a public potable water system to a consumer’s water system after it has passed through the service connection and/or a fixture outlet and is no longer under the control of the water purveyor.