Piezometer (Pie•zom•e•ter)

A device for the measurement of pressure in pipes, or conduits, consisting of a vertical transparent tube which is connected at its lower end to a piezometer orifice in the wall of the pipe, or conduit, and is open to atmosphere at its upper end. The height to which fluid rises in the tube is […]

Backsiphonage (Back•si•phon•age)

1. The backflow of possible contaminated water into the potable water supply system or the potable water distribution systems as a result of the pressure in the potable water system becoming unintentionally less than the atmospheric pressure in the plumbing fixtures, pools, tanks or vats that may be connected to the potable water distribution system […]

Loop Vent (Loop Vent)

A vent pipe connected to a horizontal drainage pipe receiving the discharges from one, or more, unvented fixtures. The vent pipe rises above the overflow level or flood rim of the highest fixture connected to the vented drainage pipe, and the vent pipe is connected to a vent stack.