run (run)

that portion of a pipe or fitting continuing in a straight line in the direction of flow in the pipe to which it is connected. Sometimes an appreciable length of straight or approximately straight pipe.

hard solder (hard sol•der)

higher temperature than soft solder. A solder used for joining metals such as copper, silver, gold, or brass. Due to the high melting point of hard solder, a soldering copper cannot be used necessitating a coke, charcoal fire or blow pipe. Composed principally of copper and zinc. Terms hard soldering and brazing are often used […]

vapor (va•por)

1. diffused matter suspended in the air and impairing its transparency. 2. a substance in a gaseous state as distinguished from a liquid or solid state. 3. a gaseous substance that is at a temperature below its critical temperature and therefore liquifiable by pressure alone.