flashing (flash•ing)

a term used to mean water tight as on, or in, a roof with two and five strips of sheet metal, as copper or galvanized iron, bent to fit in the intersecting interior angle between two intersecting roof surfaces to make a watertight joint. The upstanding leg of the flashing strip must be covered with […]

cesspool (cess•pool)

a pit for the reception or detention of sewage. Sometimes called a dry well, especially when of relatively small diameter and large depth. Distinguished from a septic tank by the fact that water, or sewage, does not enter and leave the cesspool at the same time and rate.

alga (al•ga)

pl. algae. Any of a group of chiefly aquatic, non vascular plants such as seaweed, pond scums, stonewarts, with chlorophyll often marked by a brown or red pigment. These plant bodies carry on photosynthesis and are independently able to make their own food.