Main Vent (Main Vent)

Vent pipe extending vertically with, or without, changes of direction and acts as a terminal for other vents, and terminates through the roof or connects with the main soil or waste vent at a point two feet or more above the highest soil or waste opening, but in no case less than three feet above […]

Local Vent (Lo•cal Vent)

1. A pipe or conduit to convey foul air from a plumbing fixture, room or other space, to the outer air. 2. A pipe on the fixture side of the trap through which vapor or foul air is removed from the room or fixture. not connected to plumbing piping system of waste, soil, or pressure […]

pH (p h)

The hydrogen-ion activity in gram equivalents per liter used in expressing both acidity and alkalinity on a scale whose values run from zero to fourteen, with the lower the number less than seven indicating increasing acidity and numbers greater than seven increasing alkalinity.

Dead End (Dead End)

1. That part, or branch, of a drainage piping system which is without a free circulation of air. 2. The extended portion of a pipe that is closed at the end opposite its connection to another pipe, pump, fixture, or other device. 3. A branch leading from a soil, waste, vent pipe, building drain, or […]

Septic Tank (Sep•tic Tank)

1. A reservoir, or tank, which receives crude sewage, and by bacterial action and sedimentation effects a process of clarification and decomposition of solids. 2. A tank in which the solid matter of continuously flowing sewage is deposited and retained until it has been disintegrated by anaerobic bacteria. 3. A water tight receptacle which receives […]